Glasses Chain – Rose Pompom

Bright and thin are the famous reinterpretations of “grandmother” chains. Simple, sturdy and compact, it fits any style.



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Glasses Chain – Rose Pompom of high quality and with premium finish. Comfortable and safe, it prevents your glasses from falling during the day to day bustle while exercising. Suitable for all type of glasses and outfits. You can choose to use the chain by holding the glasses to the chest or as a fashion accessory. Our eyewear chains are approximately 70cm long and weigh only 8 grams.

How to use

First, place the silicone elastics at the ends on the eyeglass rods. Then use the metal clip of the elastics to adjust to the width of the rods and hold the movement. If you want a more stable solution, you can bend the elastic in half and place the rod at both ends of the elastic.

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